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Tips to Get Over the Workweek Hump

It’s Wednesday! Are you struggling to get over the workweek hump? If you are at the point where you are struggling to stay motivated at work, and/or in your job search, below are some tips to keep you moving forward: 🔥 Set Clear Goals: Define what success looks like in your current role and during your job search. […]

Inspiration Friday!

It’s INSPIRATION CELEBRATION Friday! I had a wonderful week, jam packed with inspiration, insight, learning, friendship, and fun! Thank you to everyone at the Professional Association of Résumé Writers and Career Coaches conference—the organizers, presenters, colleagues, and new friends. I cannot properly explain the power of this group of professionals, the willingness of everyone to […]

Navigating a Career Transition

Making a career transition can be scary and overwhelming before you progress to being excited about your new start. I know. I’ve been there. I started out in the field of education and was then home with my children for many years. When going back to work, I knew I did not want to return to education, but […]