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Job Search Strategy

Navigating Your Career Crossroads and Forging a Clear Path Forward

There are a variety of components that comprise an effective job search strategy.  We provide coaching services designed to aide you in developing the following skills:

  • Networking and Referrals– learn how to build, maintain, and nourish a professional network, including leveraging LinkedIn, and how to ask for referrals.
  • Job Openings– learn about online job boards, professional websites, social media, and job fairs as potential sources of job leads.
  • Interviewing– learn what you should research, resources to locate information, practice answering common interview questions, learn the STAR technique and learn about the impact and importance of non-verbal communication in an interview situation.
  • Follow up- learn the importance of following up after interviews and networking events.
  • Persistence and Resilience– job search is challenging and rejection is common. Learn from your setbacks, adapt your strategy, and continue to move forward!

The Works

Includes Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile Update, and four customized Career Coaching sessions.

Topics for career coaching may include: networking, identifying target companies, leveraging LinkedIn, interviewing, locating jobs to apply to, and job search strategy.

$1,195 – $1,845

Pricing is based on professional experience as follows:

Early Career ($1,195), Mid-Level ($1,495), Senior/Executive ($1,845)

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